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You know who you are. BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups are core to your daily life. But are you among the most legit BlenderBottle® brand fans out there? Check yourself against these 11 points, which prove unwavering allegiance to all things BlenderBottle.


  1. You hear the rattling of the BlenderBall® whisk and instantly recognize the sound as a BlenderBottle® brand shaker.

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    1. Your dishwasher looks like this:


    1. You can’t help but lick the inside of the cap after mixing your protein shake.

    1. You can identify the pop of the BlenderBottle® flip cap from a mile away.

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    1. You have mastered the skill of untangling BlenderBall® whisks after pulling them from the kitchen drawer.

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    1. You know all too well the dangers of opening a week-old forgotten protein shake.


    1. BlenderBottle® shaker cups are your go-to (and only) drinkware.


    1. You’re highly attuned to knockoffs. This is your reaction when you see an imposter BlenderBottle® shaker at the gym:

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    1. Forget magazines or newspapers. Your only subscription is to the BlenderBottle® Color of the Month Club.

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    1. Your checklist when leaving the house looks something like this:

      1. Phone

      2. BlenderBottle® shaker

      3. Children, dog, wallet, car keys, and anything else


    1. You coordinate your outfit with the color of BlenderBottle® shaker.

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    How did you score? Anything you’d add? Upload your own photos below, share your stories in the comments, or create your own posts (and be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #blenderbottle).




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