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1. Good grades

2. Enough sleep

3. A social life

You can only choose two. Welcome to college.

While the BlenderBottle® can't exactly take your Chem exam for you, it can at least help save some precious time!  As a student myself, I can vouch for the convenience of being able to whip up nutrition or protein shakes as I run out the door, or mix up quick meals in the kitchen using only one or two dishes.  Trust me - the BlenderBottle (and accompanying recipe book, I might add!) are a must-have in any student's arsenal.

Whether you're headed back yourself, or just looking for the perfect back-to-school gift, throw a few BlenderBottles in your shopping cart and take an extra 25% off your entire order - on us. :)

Just use coupon code "Back2School" during checkout on our site.  Hopefully we can help make school just a little less stressful this semester!

TIP: In addition to the 25% off, if you order 3 or more products, you'll also qualify for FREE SHIPPING! Hurry! Offer ends 9/5/11 at 11:59pm!

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