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Regular exercise keeps you healthy and sharp. If you are looking to add mass, it's important you consume protein within "the window" - the 30-45 minute period following the completion of your workout.  We know well, not all protein shakes are created equal.  Depending on your protein powder brand and shake recipe, you either wrap your workout up with a fulfilling treat, or a barely-able-to-choke-down mess.

 Nothing is worst than a shake that tastes bad and goes down lumpy.  Those of you who regularly use the BlenderBottle know - the BlenderBall whips around inside the bottle as you shake, eliminating chunks and making even the grittiest powders drinkable. Still looking to add flavor to your post-workout? Check out two of our newest shaker bottle recipes below.

Orange Vanilla Twist

 Looking to add a little "juice" to your post-workout protein shake? This outstanding    blend of orange and vanilla is a sure-fire way to add some much needed flavor to your  BlenderBottle lifestyle.      View Recipe


Chocolate Bee

Honey is one of nature's best sources of energy, why not add a little buzz to your shaker bottle? We recommend a honey-infused shake to give you a big lift after your workout. Carrying it all to the gym? Grab a GoStak to easily carry post-workout ingredients on the run.        View Recipe
  What post-workout supplements help you hit the "window"? Tell us below.
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