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Every year after Black Friday, we’re faced with an onslaught of videos and reports of shoppers going crazy. Whether fighting to be the first person in the store, wrestling over the last Furby, or ramming a shopping cart full of children into a line of impatient shoppers, there certainly seems to be lot of people locking in their spots on the naughty list.

Although we certainly don’t endorse aggressive behavior in the shopping center, it’s tough to argue that these people aren’t pulling off a decent workout. They’re elevating their heart rates and exercising their arms, legs and core, all while stimulating a struggling economy. Still, that got us here at BlenderBottle thinking, "What are some less dangerous ways to exercise while we're out shopping this holiday season?"

Of course, you can always do yoga in line. But then you're really riding that line between crazy and sane. So here are some other options that won't land you on YouTube:

*Carry your bags from store to store instead of   dropping them off at your car between trips

*Walk to the store  instead of driving

*Carry a small child

*Park further away and do some extra walking

*Take the stairs instead of the elevator

*Carry a large child

*Park on a lower level and take the stairs to your destination

*Do some curls with your shopping bags while you're waiting

*If the line is long, walk a lap and then check on it

*Buy weight sets and carry them from location to location, then return them at the end of the day

*Go all in, fill up your BlenderBottle with your favorite protein mix, and integrate your workout into your shopping routine.

This time of year is great for reflecting, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing from work… but not so good for eating healthy and exercising. With all the delicious food constantly enticing us, we need all the exercising opportunities that we can get. So next time you go out shopping for gifts, try some of these subtle yet effective tricks to stay fit and healthy over the holidays.

Any other ideas for exercising while shopping? We'd love to hear your suggestions or experiences!

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