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The BlenderBottle® SportMixer is not your average protein shaker - Something evident in its unique design and unmatched quality. Beyond its stain and odor resistant materials, the SportMixer is unique in its purpose. This protein shaker doubles as a water bottle and is meant for sports and adventure junkies - including the type that might make a seven-day trek across Icelandic tundra.


A group of adventurers from "From Survive to Life" recently embarked on a seven day trek across the unforgiving Icelandic terrain, navigating volcanic craters, glaciers, and knee-high snow.  The group packed with them several BlenderBottle SportMixers for mixing their meal replacement shakes and staying hydrated. Seven days in sub-zero temperatures - with no contact to the outside world - is certainly not for the faint of heart.  While the route was technically closed at that time of year, the group braved it anyway, hiking 8-11 hours each day, crossing rivers (0°-1° C, requiring four people to break the current), and braving brisk winds kicking up lava dust along the way. Day 7 offered relief from the brutal conditions in the form of a (very welcome) hot spring, where they were able to soak their sore muscles, catch and grill fish, and admire the beautiful landscape they had just conquered.  Congrats to the Stronger Expedition team - we're honored to have been a part of the trek.

Could you handle the trek?  We'd love to hear more about where our bottles have traveled - if you've got a story to share, tell us in the comments below.

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