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Imagine for a moment that you are taking a leisurely hike down a trail through the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Hear the birds chirping, see the critters running around, and breathe the crisp mountain air.

Your journey soon takes you into southern Utah, where you marvel at the beautiful red rock and the vast expanse of nature's miracle.  It's warm out, but you're just going for a nice walk and enjoying the sights, right?

Now imagine running a 180-mile relay race through all that with absolutely no running experience, no sleep, and no clue why you ever signed up for a race like this in the first place...



On September 10th-11th, twelve inexperienced runners here at the BlenderBottle company will participate in the Red Rock Relay, a grueling 180-mile race over a 24-hour time period.  We're stoked - the vision of our success is thrilling.  It's the nightmare of falling on our faces and being too tired to complete even one of our 3 legs apiece that we're trying to ignore.

Okay, we're not all inexperienced - but most of us have never ran a race like this before in our entire lives.  If blog posts suddenly stop coming mid-September, you'll know why.

We welcome your tips and suggestions on preparing for and running a race - please post comments below!  Interested in watching or running in the relay as well?  Visit the official Red Rock Relay website for more info.  We'll post some updates as the race gets closer.

As for me? I've got a date with a 6-mile run later this evening...





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