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Meet Annabeth Barnes, 18-year-old competitive motor sports racer. For the past 12 years, Annabeth hasn't let anything stand in her way of reaching her racing goals. 2013 has marked the beginning of her professional career as she joined the Rev Racing team and Drive For Diversity Program, but that is only the beginning for this break-out driver. 

In a sport that takes a lot of hard work and dedication, Annabeth recognizes that "winning is not done on the track or court or field. Winning is done in gym or in practice or at the shop. Preparation is key. You have to push yourself to go that extra mile in the gym, or log more laps on the simulator, or go over the play in practice that extra time. That’s how you win. And if you’re not doing it, the competition is." Hard work, combined with a motto of "no fear" has earned Annabeth over 200 wins on the track, NASCAR's first ever "Young Racer Award," and a spot on Team BlenderBottle.

Living a healthy lifestyle contributes heavily to Annabeth's success on and off of the race track. Staying hydrated before and during a big race is critical, and she does so with her pink SportMixer water bottle.  Off the track and after a good workout, Annabeth mixes things up with a chocolate-mocha protein shake that is sure to satisfy any coco craving. We're happy to officially welcome her to Team BlenderBottle and anxious to see where her passion for the sport will take her. Her end goal is racing in the Daytona 500 and we'll be in her corner when she gets there. Good Luck Annabeth!
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