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BlenderBottle® is dedicated to pushing the limits, giving your all, and living a healthy, fitness-centered lifestyle. We celebrate athletes from across the globe and in every category who use our products and embody the BlenderBottle lifestyle. Today we are thrilled to spotlight professional skier, Langely McNeal, as the newest member of Team BlenderBottle.

Skiing since the age of two, Langely has been pushing the limits her whole life. After making the switch to Ski Cross in 2007, Langely has competed in four Winter X Games and placed second at the US Sprint Grand Prix in 2012. Constantly challenging herself while remembering to have fun has been the recipe to Langely's success. In fact, her motto of "Keep it fun, keep it all in perspective, enjoy the journey, and don't become obsessed with the end goal" has lead McNeal to become the number one female Ski Cross racer in the United States.

When asked what she does in preparation for a big event, Langely replied, "[the night before] I will make a really delicious protein shake in my BlenderBottle after a light spin and stretch. I'll usually read some excerpts from a sports psychology book and go over the ski course in my head and from my GoPro footage. Then I'll take a hot shower and get in bed early, making sure to keep my thoughts positive." Hard work and positive thoughts have been key to Langely's success. We're honored to be Langley's shaker cup of choice and are proud to support her as she trains to join the 2014 U.S. Olympic Ski Cross team. Go get 'em McNeal, we'll be cheering for you.
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