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Neda Honarvar always knew she was meant to leave her mark on the practice of yoga – and that is exactly what she did in developing Heavy Metal Yoga. Following her passion for the sport and chasing her dreams, Neda founded the Atlanta based Tough Love Yoga studios. After over three years of operation, Neda is still going strong and continues to spread her love for the sport throughout her community.

What started as a ploy to get her male friends to the yoga studio, has evolved into one of Atlanta’s most popular exercise forms. Neda commented on the topic, “I love metal and I love yoga and contrary to what most people think, the two actually go together very well. Not everyone wants to listen to birds chirping and harps playing when they’re trying to relax.” We couldn’t agree more and are inspired by Neda’s will to challenge the status quo. She continued, “I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t practice yoga. I have learned so much about who I am and who I want to be (and don’t want to be) through my practice. And I now have all these tools to help me manage whatever comes my way. No matter what is going on, I always feel better, more grounded, and more calm after I practice. It’s my lifeline.”

Her devotion to a healthy lifestyle and her true self, as well as her desire to share that with others has earned Neda a place on Team BlenderBottle. Recently, she shared her favorite BlenderBottle recipe with the team, and it just so happens to be paleo friendly. Like this recipe, Neda is one of a kind and we’re ecstatic about her induction in to Team BlenderBottle.

Tell us, what are you doing to challenge the status quo?

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