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Coffee Protein Shake Recipes

Coffee Protein Shake

Perfect for a protein-packed pick me up to rev up your reps, or to add extra oomph to your workday. Use vanilla protein powder if you're a coffee purist; choose chocolate if mocha is more your jam.

BananaBlueberry Bananza Protein Shake Recipes

Blueberry Bananza Protein Smoothie

Fruit is nature's best source of nutrition, try adding more to your post-workout with this delicious (and nutritious) blend of blueberry and banana.

BananaOat Milk Latte Protein Shake Recipe | BlenderBottle Recipes

Oat Milk Latte Protein Shake

An oat milk latte with a twist. We’ve added quick oats to increase the nutritional value of this morning meal replacement shake. Enjoy it on your way to work out, to school, or to kick start your n...

BananaBlackberry Banana Protein Shake Recipe

Blackberry Banana Chocolate Protein Shake

One of our favorite shakes any time of year, it’s hard to beat this yummy combo of berries, banana, and chocolate. Raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry yogurt work equally well, so feel free to exp...

BananaTasty Turmeric Protein Shake Recipes

Tasty Turmeric Protein Shake

Turmeric drinks are all the rage and with good reason. The key active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Turmeric can b...

BananaNutty Monkey Protein Shake Recipes

Nutty Monkey Protein Shake

Looking to add some natural energy to your protein shake? Then try this combo of banana and peanut butter for a quick energy boost and plenty of protein.