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Pink BlenderBottle Protein Smoothie Recipe

Pink Dragon Fruit Protein Smoothie Recipe

Slay your dragons with this dragon fruit protein smoothie recipe and the help of your Disney's Sleeping Beauty BlenderBottle shaker cup. This recipe is a big favorite here with our BlenderBottle te...

BerriesRaspberry Colada Protein Smoothie Recipe

Raspberry Colada Smoothie

Ready for a tropical holiday, but stuck at home? Whip up a taste of paradise with your next protein shake. Raspberries add a special something extra to the traditional piña colada favors of pineapp...

BerriesBerry Orange Protein Shake Recipes

Berry Orange Protein Shake Smoothie

This citrus-berry blend puts a tangy twist on your average protein shake recipe.

BerriesFreedom Protein Shake (Berry Blast) Recipes

Freedom Protein Shake (Berry Blast)

Try out this awesome FREEDOM shake to add a little red, white, and blue to your workout shake!

SmoothiePineapple Bliss Protein Shake Recipes

Pineapple Bliss Protein Shake

This is the official protein shake recipe of Team BlenderBottle member and professional track star, Shai-Anne Davis.

SmoothieStrawberry Preserve Milkshake Protein Shake Recipe

Strawberry Preserve Milkshake Protein Shake

A nice, cooling drink with a hint of strawberry and swirled with vanilla its the perfect way to keep cool on a hot summer day.