Replacement Lids

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Lids are terrible, break after a couple weeks of use!

I have about a half dozen of these blender bottles and the lids on all of them break rendering the bottle useless! One would assume the quality of this product would be better since the cost is so high....

Jon F.
Lids are horrible

Blender bottle loves to hide behind their warranty not covering abuse or accidental damage. Use dishwasher, must have been too hot. Yes. We know we advertise dishwasher safe but YOUR dishwasher must be an issue.

Crack the top, you dropped it and abused it. It was sitting on the ground, tipped over and cracked. $25 bottle, crappy lid, but it was abuse.

Then they don't even sell replacement lids, which fail too easily, on their website. Can't even order a replacement radian lid so an expensive metal bottle is worthless with the poor construction makes it fail.

Frustrating to say the least

We are sorry to hear about your frustrations. Replacement lids are available for purchase here: If you have any additional concerns please reach out to our customer service team for possible resolutions.

Lid will not snap shut

I bought a new bottle from Walmart several weeks ago. This blender bottle lid will not close making it useless as a shaker bottle. I thought it was a rare occurrence and the company would send a replacement. Apparently, they have so many issues they cannot afford to, making the warranty a lie. Going to look for a new brand.

Our warranty team is happy to replace any items with issues related to a manufacturing defect. Our lids are designed to be hard to close in order to remain leakproof, however, the cap should get increasingly easier to close with continued use. If you feel that the issue with your lid falls outside our standard expectation, please feel free to reach out to Customer Service for additional support.

Rena Giountsis
Bad lid

These are not worth the price as lids break easily even with gently care. The cost of lid replacement is not worth it. Please contact me to discuss if you wish.

Hunter Strand

I bought the strada and the lid wouldn’t screw on. I tried for 20 minutes trying to get it on but it wouldn’t work. I tried lids then from my other blender bottle and those worked just fine on it, but those lid don’t match the Strada bottle.