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John Novak
Strada lid lock design is flawed?

While I have for the most part enjoyed the quality of my Strada stainless bottle, I recently discovered a design flaw in the lid allowing a nasty build-up of food "debris" from smoothies to seep into and under the button lock mechanism area through the small hole behind the O-ring, requiring disassembly of the ENTIRE button in order to properly clean it. No where in the cleaning instructions did it ever suggest a need for total disassembly of the button. Is there a different lid without the locking feature that will fit the Strada to eliminate this issue?

Marc Lovicott
Strada Replacement Lids - Order via Phone!

I love my Strada stainless I was bummed when the lid broke and I learned you couldn't buy a replacement online. HOWEVER, when I took the advice here and called customer service (385-293-3935), I had a new one ordered within 5 minutes. Super easy, very friendly agent, and no shipping fee.

Moral of the story: if you're looking for a replacement Strada lid, just give them a call!

Jeff Blachford
No replacement parts

Why is there no replacement seal for the strada lockable lids??? That’s all I need is a little rubber piece to replace it and it’s good. I shouldn’t have to buy a whole new lid or bottle.

No replacement for Strada Stainless Steel Bottle

No replacement lid for the Strada Stainless Steel bottle. I've reached out to support via email, only to be bombarded by advertisement and no official response.

No replacement for strada

I find the strada so much easier to use compared to the regular blender bottle caps, however you're are jo replacements for it to either swap out for regular lids or as a replacement to my current bottle

Hi Lisa,

While our lids aren't interchangeable between bottle styles. However, our customer support team would be happy to help you purchase a Strada lid for your Strada bottle, please call them at (385) 293-3935.