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Summer Collection 2023

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Color: Classic - Glacier - 28oz

Fueling You

We do more than just sell bottles. We simplify and improve everyday life. Mostly importantly, we help fuel your ambitions, your goals, your accomplishments. And, just like youā€”weā€™re just getting started.

BlenderBottle BlenderBall wire whisk: A silver ball with thin wire whisk loops

The Ball

Look for the BlenderBallĀ® whisk, found exclusively in BlenderBottleĀ® brand shaker cups. When you see the ball, you know you have a BlenderBottle brand shaker. You also know you can count on a smooth shake.

My second and only one word... Fantastic.

Jim M

I bought my bottle for protein shakes and it is the best Iā€™ve ever had. Everything gets mixed well with no powder stuck to the top or sides.

James C

I got this bottle as a gift and it was perfect!

Kassandra B