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  • BlenderBottle Pie Recipes

    What's Thanksgiving without pie? It's hard to indulge in holiday cravings while trying to keep fit. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and in favor of the scale), here are some of our favorite pie-inspired protein shake recipes to give you a little treat without all the calories.

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  • The Chocolate Fruit: The Black Sapote

    Many dieters probably wish that more foods tasted like chocolate. Interestingly enough, a little-known fruit actually makes that easier to accomplish than you might expect – and at a fraction of the calories and fat. Continue Reading

  • 6 Ways to Beat Weightlifting Plateaus

    Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to gain strength when weight lifting.  You’re finally able to bench that 165 pounds, only to discover you aren’t able to move beyond it.  Don’t worry, it’s happened to everyone. Plateaus of any kind can be tough to break. If you find you’ve reached a standstill at the gym, here are six tips to help you move beyond your current limits.  Continue Reading

  • The Secret to Lifting Heavy: Balance

    Ever try to get your one-rep max up on the bench press only to realize that you haven’t been able to increase it by more than a few pounds?  It may sound counter intuitive at first, but the reason you aren’t able to bench, squat, pull, push, or shove more weight may very well be because your body’s stabilization system is weak. Continue Reading

  • The Downside To Juicing

    All-juice diets may appeal to many out there because it condenses fruits and vegetables into a vitamin-loaded super drink. And it’s all plant-based, so how could you go wrong? It’s an easy way to add neglected vitamins and minerals to a diet that may not include them.  Many even juice to detox the body. But let it be known that juicing does have a serious downside. Continue Reading

  • Carrageenan: Why You’re Probably Eating it And Why It’s Bad for You

    Carra-what? Chances are good that you have never even heard of this natural additive before. It’s a commonly found substance in low-fat milk, milk-replacements (almond or coconut, for example), cottage cheeses, yogurts, chocolates, and ice creams. Used to make low-fat variations appear thicker in consistency and texture, the emulsifier is derived from red seaweed called “Irish Moss.” Continue Reading

  • 5 Affordable Protein Sources

    Anyone remotely involved in "getting gains" knows that getting ample amounts of protein is key to building muscle mass. Protein shakes are great for this. They're rich with nutrients and convenient when you're at the gym, but let's be honest - they can be a bit pricey. If you're looking to build muscle and save a few dollars while doing so, this is the post for you. We've collected a list of convenient and, most importantly, affordable protein sources to help you and your wallet. Continue Reading

  • The Caffeine Effect

    Many of us can’t start off our day on the right foot unless we have a freshly brewed cup of java in the morning.  In more recent years, caffeine has also become a popular pre-workout supplement in the form of energy drinks, aimed to boost and maintain energy levels of during high intensity workouts. Lots of athletes swear by it, but many also condemn it. Let’s examine the ancient question: Is caffeine good or bad for you? Continue Reading

  • Gluten Free

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “gluten-free” thrown around more and more over the last couple of years. It’s certainly a buzzword that’s even caught the attention of many national restaurant chains and food manufacturers. At this point, “gluten” probably doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to eat, but what exactly is it?  Continue Reading

  • Tips on Getting a Good Night’s Rest

    Why do we sleep?  It may surprise you that there’s no bona fide consensus among the scientific community to answer this question.  After all, our minds never take a break, even when we’re under.  The brain consumes almost as much energy when we lay unconscious as it does when we’re awake!  But nothing is more important to a healthy mind and body than getting a good night’s rest.   Continue Reading

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