Sleep in Heavenly Peace "Build Day"

Sleep in Heavenly Peace "Build Day" - BlenderBottle

BlenderBottle decided to throw on the hard hats and safety goggles and get a bit more hands on with our quarterly service activity. We partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a nationwide nonprofit organization that provides beds for children who do not have that simple luxury. All children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads at night, and there are too many boys and girls right in our backyard who go without a bed.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace came onsite to BlenderBottle to host a "Build Day" where each team member had the opportunity to participate in building a bunk bed. We started with wood planks, and then applied drills, sanders, saws, paintbrushes, and a bit of hard work and sweat. Success the bunks were seamlessly built!

This was a wonderful and unique opportunity to get our employees involved in something different and exciting, while providing benefit and value to the lives of local children in need.

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