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We're kickin' our social media up a notch with a little contest. We have a goal, we need your help, and we're willing to give you a little "somethin' somethin'" for your efforts.

Here's the lowdown:

Help us reach 500 fans on Facebook, and we'll give you an exclusive, all-powerful, buy-one-get-one-freeoffer for your next BlenderBottle purchase.

Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, billboards, super-bowl ads, or any other medium, and get people connected!

As soon as the Official BlenderBottle page reaches that magical 500 fan milestone, we'll post a link to the offer on our Facebook page. Once posted, the offer will be valid for 48 hours only. That means you'd better keep an eye out, pay attention, and not come crying to us if you miss it. This offer will be exclusively for you, our beloved Facebook fans, and for those you invite.

UPDATE: We've reached 500 fans! Thanks to all of you who spread the word - make sure you take advantage of the deal while you can! Missed the 500-fan push? Keep tabs on our Facebook page because there are many more contests, promotions, etc. to come!

Tips for Spreading the Word

1. Use the links at the bottom of this post to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit 2. Use the following shortened link to our Facebook page, and tweet it, post it on your wall, email it to your friends and co-workers, etc.:


3. Use Facebook's "Suggest to Friends" link

4. Blog about it! There it is. Short, sweet, and to the point. If you have further questions, post a comment and we'll follow up promptly.

Good luck!

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anne novick

Love the Blender Bottles…they make mixing my protein shakes soooo easy! Love it!

Lisa Stradley

I LOVE this bottle and sent a Facebook recommendation to 200 of my FB friends and family…before seeing your contest to help raise your fans to 500! I just wanted to tell them how much they could do with a BlenderBottle. I grabbed it off the shelf at Albertson’s when it caught my eye, thinking it would be perfect for my Christmas turkey gravy. I didn’t have a hint of a lump in my gravy! Can’t wait to use it for protein shakes and smoothies! Please run a special on them before Christmas next year as I want to buy them for everyone I know! We can all get healthy by drinking protein shakes!!

leann woodbury

love this product

Sally B

I received one for a gift and have since given them as gifts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Blender Bottle as do everyone I’ve given them to. One of my Top 10 Must Haves in the kitchen!!!


Great to hear that! Our new recipe book has some other great ideas for using the BlenderBottle in your cooking – check it out if you’re interested! As far as the promotion goes, we’ll see what we can do. ;) Thanks for commenting and recommending to your friends!

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