Radian® Insulated Stainless Steel

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Color: Natural
Material: Insulated Stainless Steel

About the Radian®

The Radian® Stainless Steel shaker features rock-solid insulation, a modern center-mounted spout, a detachable carry loop, and our most secure seal to date.

The BlenderBottle Radian® Stainless Steel shaker cup delivers modern style and rock-solid performance to match whatever you throw down. The twist-on cap closes with a quick quarter turn for a secure seal and leak-proof guarantee, while the wide mouth accommodates oversized scoops and makes it easy to clean the cup. The center-mounted spout and tapered, cup-holder-friendly base enhance the bottle’s upscale design. The detachable carry loop provides convenience for attaching keys or hooking the bottle to a gym bag.

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Twist-on cap
  • Stain & odor resistant
  • Leak-proof guarantee
  • 26-oz capacity
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Ounce and milliliter measurement markings
  • Silicone lid gaskets infused with MicroBlock™ antimicrobial technology



3.66" x 9.92"

Usage Guide

Hand wash recommended

Radian twist lid BlenderBottle shaker in black

Stain and Odor-Resistant

Forget about hard to clean, smelly shakers. The Radian stainless steel is odor and stain resistant so you can drink today's shaker without tasting yesterday's smoothie.

New Lid Features

The twist-on cap closes with a quick quarter turn for a secure seal and leak-proof guarantee, while the wide mouth accommodates oversized scoops and makes it easy to clean the cup.

Double-wall vacuum insulation

With its tapered base, the Radian™ shaker fits easily in most car and gym equipment cup holders, while still keeping shakes cold.

Fueling You

We do more than just sell bottles. We simplify and improve everyday life. Mostly importantly, we help fuel your ambitions, your goals, your accomplishments. And, just like you—we’re just getting started.

BlenderBottle BlenderBall wire whisk: A silver ball with thin wire whisk loops that mix and blend ingredients inside a shaker bottle

The Ball

Look for the BlenderBall® whisk, found exclusively in BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups. When you see the ball, you know you have a BlenderBottle brand shaker. You also know you can count on a smooth shake.

Double-wall insulation. Easy to open. Center-mounted spout.
My second and only one word... Fantastic.

Jim M

I bought my bottle for protein shakes and it is the best I’ve ever had. Everything gets mixed well with no powder stuck to the top or sides.

James C

I got this bottle as a gift and it was perfect!

Kassandra B

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Customer Reviews

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Love Mine for Coffee

Bought this after I spilled my old coffee cup all over my desk. The lock top not only keeps it safe but also keeps my coffee hot for over 4 hours!

Two problems

A. The lid feels cheap and thing. Plastic is fine if it's thick but this has so much give it's easy to screw on cross threaded and either leak in a bag or when you shake it.
B. The steel itself is thin enough that it gives under some hane pressure

It is fairly cheal but I would've like to have seen atleast a thicker lid

Great but a small problem

After 2 years of constant use (loved it) the bottle itself held up admirably. The plastics on the lid held out too. But the larger lid gasket leaks more and more everyday, while the smaller upper cap one absorbs the taste and smell of all drinks, no amount of cleaning and airing out works. Can't recommend to friends because the lack of replacement gaskets, otherwise it can last a lifetime

We're sorry to hear about this experience. Please reach to customerservice@blenderbottle.com and they would be happy to help you with cleaning instructions or direct you to the warranty form.

Great product

I love this product/item!! I first got this was from my company (Waters Technologies) I needed one because I was tiered of bringing in water bottles into work everyday and having to try and refill it before my shift is over , the mouth of the water bottle wasn’t working for me. So I decent to purchase one of these bottles.. and I have to say!!! I was never disappointed!! I have mine for over 10 years and not once I ever have a hard time to clean it thoroughly!! I always hand wash it. Air dry it and it’s good to go.. I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS!!!


I love my stainless steel bottle, I’ve had it for 4 years but the seal is leaking. If there was the option to buy replacement seals then I’d give it 5 stars.

We are sorry to hear about the trouble you experienced with your bottle and its gaskets. We would be happy to help with any concerns you may have in regards to this issue. Please reach out to us at customerservice@blenderbottle.com and a representative would be happy to help.