Avocado-Peach Protein Shake
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Prep 5 min.
An unusual mash-up of peach and avocado that will fill you up with sweet, succulent flavor—and of course, plenty of satisfying protein and healthy fat. Try this peachy new combo and you’ll be hooked!


Serving Size: 1 servings

1/2 cup skim milk

1/2 cup peach juice

1/2 avacado mashed

1 serving vanilla protein powder




In the order listed, add ingredients to your favorite BlenderBottle® shaker cup, close the leak-proof lid, and shake until oh-so-smooth.


WHY THIS SHAKE ROCKS: Creamy, delicious, and just a tad bit crazy. What’s not to love?


A PERFECT MATCH: A mix this sophisticated deserves a BlenderBottle® Radian™ shaker in silicone-protected glass.


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: 281.5 calories, 8.4 g total fat (1.3 g sat. fat), 47.5 mg chol., 99.0 mg sodium, 33.6 g carbo., 23.7 g sugars, 20.7 g protein

Photo Courtesy Of: TEBart
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