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20 Back To School Tips For The College Student

20 Back To School Tips For The College Student - BlenderBottle

There are certain things every college student has to learn. Here is a collection of 20 of the best tips in order to save you some of the hassle.

1. Get Organized

There is no worse feeling than not being able to find what you need when you're in a hurry to get to class or social event. Find a place for everything and make sure everything is in that place. The time you spend organizing in the beginning will save you a lot of stress and hassle later.

2. Explore Campus

This is always valuable, but especially so if you are an incoming freshman or new to the school. Freeing your mind from the worries of getting lost gives you more bandwidth to focus on your academic success.

3. Discover the resources your school has to offer

Whether it's a math lab, seminar, or health center, most schools offer many resources that you may not be aware of. Go forth, discover, and UTILIZE.

4. Connect with the Career Center

Speaking of resources, one of particular value is the career center. This is a valuable resource that can help connect you to internships and employment opportunities related to your field of study.

5. Get a bank account with a bank in town

If you're attending school away from home, this will save you a lot of time in the long run. You'll save the stress of waiting for mailed checks and ATM fees, and get more experience managing your own finances.

6. Don't pay full price for text books

Seriously. There are many websites that rent books or offer used versions of the textbook for a lot less. Bigwords and Amazon are two great places to get started. Get the ISBN numbers from the books in your school's book store, then search for them online. It takes a little more work, but you could literally save thousands.

7. Get to know your professors

This will be particularly beneficial if you run into a problem later in the semester and need help or a little extra understanding. I'm not suggesting you suck up and become the teacher's pet, but that you take the time to talk with and get to know your professors. Contrary to popular belief, they're people too. And they appreciate respect and friendship just as much as the next person.

8. Consider taking a public speaking class early on

If public speaking "isn't your thing," even better. This will give you practice and the right tools to help you succeed with presentations and speeches throughout the rest of your college and professional career.

9. Find the best places to study

Dorm rooms are hardly conducive to quiet, focused studying. Take some time to scope out a couple of great spots where you can focus and get work done.

10. Try out as many clubs as you can

No, we're not talking night clubs. Getting involved on campus will make college more fun, helps to round you out, and encourages you to meet new people. Opposed to any of that?

11. Stay safe

For women especially, be mindful of studying or working late and walking home alone. If you're studying late and don't feel comfortable walking back to your apartment, talk with a friend or classmate and see if you can walk together. Most campuses also offer a campus police number for requesting an officer if you'd prefer.

12. Pay attention in class

With all the technology at our fingertips, it can be easy to get distracted during a lecture. If you find yourself surfing the web or texting your friends during class, consider turning off wi-fi, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, or leaving both in your bag altogether. You're paying to be there, after all. Make sure you get your money's worth.

13. Fight procrastination

As difficult as it can be to not put off every paper and project until the last second, you'll feel much better being prepared. Make a timeline for your project and stick to the deadlines you set. While you may be able to get it done at the last minute, the stress and worry that accompanies procrastination detracts from your health, happiness, and focus for weeks before the due date.

14. Always back up your files

ALWAYS. What's worse than a semester-long research paper? Losing that semester-long research paper a day before it's due. There are hundreds of services for backing up your files check out this great article to get started.

15. Don't drink too much caffeine

It isn't great for you, and there are healthier ways to get energy such as exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining proper hydration.

16. Try not to pull all-nighters

Sleep is crucial. If you prioritize your assignments in order to avoid procrastination, these all-nighters can be avoided too.

17. Schedule time for yourself

Don't stop doing the things you love. Make sure to schedule time for yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

18. Always eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we get that you don't always have time to cook an omelet. For those days, try breakfast in a BlenderBottle.

19. Don't forget to exercise

Ever heard of the "Freshman 15" Don't let it happen to you. Just because you're in college now doesn't mean it's time to let your physical fitness suffer. Let those endorphins help you on your next exam.

20. Seek a healthy balance

School, work, social life; you have to find a healthy balance that works for you. Don't stretch yourself too far.

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