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3 Secrets to a Bigger Chest | BlenderBottle Trainer Team

3 Secrets to a Bigger Chest | BlenderBottle Trainer Team - BlenderBottle


Anyone out there struggling to build a bigger chest? Austin's got your back with his top three tips for building a stronger, more defined chest.

How to Get a Bigger Chest


Whats up guys, this is Austin here with the BlenderBottle Trainer Team and today I'm going to be sharing 3 tips with you that is going to help you build a bigger chest.

The first tip is I want you guys to prioritize your dumbbells over barbell. Dumbbells are going to help you create a better range of motion which is going to allow you to stimulate your chest for efficiently.

The second tip is tempo. I know you guys want to get into the gym and lift as heavy as you can, but its not about how much you can lift, it's about the quality of each rep.

And then we have the third tip. I want you guys to be training with different angles. A lot of us lack size and definition in our upper chest, so I am going to show you guys what you can do to fix that problem today.


Tip #1 - Prioritize Dumbbells

For tip number one, I spoke to you guys about prioritizing dumbbells over barbell and that is because you are going to create a bigger range of motion with dumbbells which is going to lead to more stimulation in the chest. I am going to show you guys what that looks like. So you are going to lay back, chest up, shoulder blades pinched and you are going to press up. Now, with the barbell you are limited to a certain range of motion, basically when the barbell touches your chest and then you have to push up and complete the rep. With dumbbells you actually can go further past that range of motion, creating a bigger stretch in the chest and then you can complete the rep. Now, another thing you can do with dumbbells is turn your hands depending on what you feel the most in your chest. So notice how now I am turning the dumbbells as I lower them and as I complete the rep.


Tip #2 - Slow Tempo

For tip number two, I want you guys to focus on is the rate at which I am lowering and pushing up the dumbbells, and that is the tempo. Usually the tempo can be anywhere from 4-3 seconds down and then 2 seconds up and contract. Remember we are focusing on the quality of the rep, the weight does not matter.


Tip #3 - Train With Different Angles

For tip number three, I spoke to you guys about training with different angles. So we are going to raise the bench to a forty five degree angle and perform the same pressing movement just at a 45 degree angle. So we are leaning back, shoulder blades pinched, chest up, pressing up, and contracting the chest hard. This is what is going to build that upper chest. Still focusing on tempo and lowering it with 3 seconds and pushing up with 2 seconds and contracting hard. Feel free to do movements like the chest fly or even a decline push up because once again to develop the chest we need to be training the chest at all different kinds of angles.

Thank you guys for tuning in with me this is Austin with BlenderBottle. There's more videos coming soon and Ill see you next time.

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