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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise - BlenderBottle

Exercise isn't an easy hobby to take up or maintain. Results can be slow-going and at times it can get boring. We asked celebrity fitness trainer and chef, Angela Martindale, whose clients have included Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Katie Couric, and several Olympic athletes, for some tips on how to stay focused to see the results you want.

1. Be consistent

Even if you can only schedule a workout twice a week, be sure to keep those appointments. Block out times that can't be altered to accommodate smaller issues or other people. We already spent too much time trying to come up with excuses not to exercise. ‚"Put yourself on a realistic schedule," Martindale says.  "Don't start too big."

2. Always keep your workout clothes in your car

This is a great tip for anyone who stops at home on his or her way to the gym, only to get distracted by something else. Most of the time, once people sit down to relax, they're done for the day and don't leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Keeping your workout gear with you limits your excuses and saves you time.

3. Make a motivational playlist

Nothing can get you in the zone better than a fun, upbeat song. Create a playlist of music you know you'll respond to that will make your workout fun and will keep your heart rate up!

4. Try something new

"If you hate working out, try something new,"Angela says. "If it's warm, get outside and go for a walk. It doesn't have to be a designated workout all the time." It's fantastic advice, but it's surprising how many people give up without testing all their options. If you hate running, try a yoga class. Or simply ride your bike to a nearby destination instead of driving your car.

5. Understand that results take time

"We have unrealistic expectations. It can take four to six weeks for the body to get used to a new process. Stay positive," she insists. Martindale notes that healthier skin will the first sign that you are making progress, as it's the body's largest organ. Working up to a sweat every day releases toxins, which clears up the skin and brightens the eyes.

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