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"A Banana A Day..."

"A Banana A Day..." - BlenderBottle

It might be time to rethink the old adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Research has shown bananas, not apples, might be the best daily snack around. Bananas contain more vitamins and nutrients pound-for-pound over apples.

Eating a banana in place of an apple gives you two times more carbohydrates, five times more Vitamin A, five times more iron, and three times more phosphorus. Add to this the fact that bananas are packed full of potassium and natural sugars, and it's clear who wins this head-to-head snack battle. The portability of bananas make them an excellent on the go choice, providing a convenient and pre-packed source of energy. In fact, eating two bananas alone will give you enough energy to exercise for over an hour. Try adding banana to your next pre- or post-workout shake, for added flavor and energy. And yes- believe it or not - you can whip it all up in your BlendeBottle. Before peeling, gently mash the banana with your fingers, open peel on one end, squeeze mashed banana into your BlenderBottle shaker bottle, and shake. What do you snack on when you need a boost? Let us know in the comments below.

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