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Best Bike Water Bottle | BlenderBottle's Halex Bicycle Bottle

Best Bike Water Bottle | BlenderBottle's Halex Bicycle Bottle - BlenderBottle

There are about 52 million bike riders in America. People of all ages enjoy spending time riding around and there's no doubt that cycling is one of the most popular sports in the United States.

If you're starting to train for a big race or find yourself riding more often you need the proper equipment. The best bike water bottles is on that list of equipment. Read this guide to learn more about the best bike water bottle and its specialized water bottle functions.

Things to Look For

Finding the perfect bike water bottle is a lot more challenging than it sounds because there are thousands on the market and they aren't all created equally. You don't want to purchase a bottle only to find out it leaks or doesn't fit in your bike cage and then have to return it.

When you're searching for a bicycle water bottle be sure to consider the size. If you're going on long bike rides, you need to have enough to last you. You also don't want it to rattle around in your bike cage.

You should look at the grip of the bottle too. Even in the winter months, you'll probably be sweating on your long ride, which can make it difficult to grab and hold onto your bottle.

Consider the width of the water bottle opening. If you plan to mix electrolyte or energy powders in your bottle, you'll want to be sure the opening is large enough to pour them in.

Best Comfort Features

The Halex has one of the most comfortable grips on the market. The bottle is easy to hold and squeeze. There's even a bottle clip attached to provide a tighter hold onto your bike water bottle cage.

This feature makes all the difference when you're riding on a long trail, mountain biking, or even a leisure ride. It's crucial to drink water, but if your bottle is difficult to carry, you may avoid getting a drink.

It can also be dangerous if the bottle slips out of your hand. The good news is you won't have that issue with this popular water bottle.

What Makes the Halex Different

The Halex is completely different than other bottles you may have owned in the past. Think about when you're riding your bike and you have to take a sip of water. Do you tilt your head back and take your eyes off the road?Ā 

By leaning your head back to get water out, it's easy to lose your balance or drift to the side. This can put you and other riders in danger.

The Halex bottle eliminates this risk for you. The bottle has a straw that allows you to keep your bottle upright. Instead of having to tilt back as you would with other bottles, you're able to squeeze it for the water to flow while the bottle is upright.

It's a versatile bottle and you can use it for a variety of different activities. If you prefer to tilt your head back while you're performing other activities, you can.

Most bicycle water bottles are the same without any new innovations in years. However, that is not the case with the best bike water bottle, the Halex.

The last thing you want on your ride is for your water to pour out of the nozzle. One of the three modes on the lid allows you to turn it to lock it in place. You can then twist to traditional style or vertical which allows you to squeeze through the straw when you are ready to hydrate.

Cleaning Tips

Once you get home from your bike ride, you may want to stretch and rest. Cleaning your bottle is probably the last thing on your mind. However, cleaning it regularly and properly will ensure it lasts a long time.

The material the Halex bike water bottle is made of is dishwater safe, so all you have to do is take it apart and place it on the top rack. Using our bottle brush is recommended as well, to get leftover liquid or powder out. The lid components all come apart for easier and deeper cleaning.

The Halex Bike bottle has a built-in straw allowing you to drink the entire bottle vertically. No need to tip the bottle back.

While it is safe to put in the dishwasher, it shouldn't be put in the microwave or the freezer. It's also not recommended that you put carbonated liquid in the bottle. Pressure could build up and cause the liquid to spray out.

Different Sizes

We have three different size options for you to choose from. As follows: 22oz, insulated 24oz, and sport 32oz. Unfortunately the sport 32oz doesn't fit in standard bike cages but the other sizes fit in your cage. We hope to bring a specialized bike cage for your sport 32oz bike water bottle Halex soon!

The main difference between these bottles: one is an insulated bike water bottle; the others are not insulated but hold all the same functionality as the insulated bottle. They all come in a variety of colors. This bottle is also phthalates and BPA free so you don't have to worry about side effects on your health.

Best Bike Water Bottle

In the world of cycling, there is one thing that holds true bicyclists need to drink a lot of water, and they need to drink it often. All athletes for that matter, need to stay hydrated. If you are going to embark on a cycling expedition or any kind of training, you need to ensure that you have stay hydrated. The Halex bike water bottle will provide that. If you are considering something bigger like a water jug, the Koda water jug is another great option, just maybe not for biking.

We know it can be hard to stop your ride to take a sip, and it's even harder to keep your eyes on the road. That's why we created this bottle with avid bike riders in mind.

The Halex will allow you to stay hydrated and stay safe. Shop here for the best bike water bottle on the market.

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