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Best Tips for Staying Fit over the Holidays

Best Tips for Staying Fit over the Holidays - BlenderBottle


The holiday season is upon us, which means time with family, lots of shopping, and eating a lot of food. Usually that means lots of unhealthy options and not a lot of time for working out or staying fit. But how do you enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your health and still being fit once the new year comes around? We asked professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike how to stay fit over the holidays, and they gave some great tips from what to eat, to how to squeeze in that workout in between all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

1. Savor Your Food

It's hard to say no to cheesy potatoes, glazed ham, or any Christmas dessert! Carolina Guizer is a Registered Dietitian with Eathority, and she has had experience with weight loss. Her best tip for the holidays is to serve small scoops of every appetizing food and eat slowly, really savoring each bite. Eating slowly not only helps you recognize when you are full, but it also helps you to know what is worth going back for seconds!

2. The Order You Eat Your Food Matters

As much as the dessert is tempting to eat first, Ben Canary, owner of HercuLean Meal Prep, had this advice. "Our number one tip for the holidays is to stack your meal such that you eat fibrous carbs before the starchy ones. Start with a salad, green beans, move to the sweet potatoes, then the turkey & stuffing and finally a small portion of dessert. Soluble fiber will slow the absorption of the rest of the meal, putting a dent in the blood sugar spike (and crash) that inevitably occurs following a Thanksgiving feast."


3. Drink A Lot of Water

We all know water is good for you, it helps you feel more full when you are eating those big meals. Idealfit's, a Utah based health and fitness company, Trainer Lindsey said "If you have a day where you're going be around more food/snacks, plan on increasing your water intake. This will help your belly stay full so you're not as tempted to mindlessly eat. Stay on top of your water, drinking it evenly throughout the day." Water is key to staying fit during the holidays!


4. Build the Workout into the Day!

Family gatherings are a lot of fun, and Rob at Minimal Fit Training, suggests doing family activities that will keep you active. Have everyone come up with a suggestion of something they'd love to do or try for the first time which is active. Things like trampolining, rock climbing, indoor snowboarding, golf, volleyball, etc. Write all the ideas down on slips of paper, put them in a hat and then draw one out in the morning when you're all there. That can be your activity for the day. That way your family is healthy and you still get a good workout during the holidays!


5. Enjoy Yourself

We all want to be healthy and fit, but remember this is the holiday season. Spend time with your family, enjoy those cookies! Keep these tips in mind, but enjoy this holiday season! Have a good, healthy relationship with food and don't deprive yourself all season long! Just have balance in everything, Rebecca from Yo Yoga says to know to have everything in moderation, know to balance out sweets and big meals. She suggest having green juices and making healthy choices at non-celebratory meals. Balance is the best way to enjoy your family and yourself this holiday season!

Staying fit over the holidays is a tough thing to do, but with these tips, it is sure to be less of a hassle. Always have your BlenderBottle with you to have a solid bottle on the go! You can get a head start on those new year resolutions during the holiday season! What are your best tips for staying fit over the holidays? Did we miss any? Let us know so we can share them and all have a healthy, enjoyable holiday season!

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