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3 Easy Tips to a Wider Back | BlenderBottle Trainer Team

3 Easy Tips to a Wider Back | BlenderBottle Trainer Team - BlenderBottle

Pull with your elbows, not your hands! That's just one of three simple tips to a wider back, says Austin from the BlenderBottle Trainer Team. He's here to show you three easy ways to focus on developing the wide, powerful back you want and make your time in the gym more effective.


What's up, guys? It's Austin here with the BlenderBottle Trainer Team and today, I'm going to show you guys how to build a wider back.

1. Pull with elbows. The first tip I want you to focus on is pulling with your elbows, instead of your hands. That way you can engage your lats more than your biceps.

2. Pinch your spine. The second thing I want you to focus on is getting in the habit of pinching your spine at the end of the movement. That way you can get a better contraction in your back.

3. The third thing I want you to focus on is prioritizing pulling exercises over rowing exercises, so you can put more emphasis on the width of your lat.

The first thing I want you guys thinking about is pulling with our elbows more than our hands. One of the most common mistakes made is pulling with our hands, where the load is going to be placed more on our biceps, instead of our back. What we need to be thinking about is if our hands were hooks, and we're actually going to pull with our elbows, bringing them down and back and shifting the load from our biceps to our lats. This is what's going to help you engage your back more effectively.

The second thing I want you guys to focus on is really pinching your spine with each repetition. And I actually want you to apply what you learned in the first step to this exercise. I want you to bring your elbows back, really squeezing your shoulder blades together and pinching that spine, and controlling the weight back to its starting position, and then repeating. I want you guys to use this technique anytime that you're in the gym training your back, whether it's a rowing movement or a pulling movement, to better engage your back.

The third and final thing I want you guys to be focusing on is to prioritize vertical pulling movements over horizontal rowing movements. The reason for this is any time you're doing a row, you're actually going to be focusing on building the thickness of your back, whereas doing a pulling movement is going to focus on the width of your lat. Obviously both vertical and horizontal movements are critical for your overall back development, but if the goal is to increase the width of your lats, you need to prioritize vertical pulling movements during all of your back workouts.

So remember, when you're trying to build a wider back, you need to focus on pulling with your elbows instead of your hands, you need to pinch your spine at the end of the movements, and you need to prioritize pulling exercises over rowing exercises.

This is Austin with the BlenderBottle Trainer Team. Thank you for tuning in!

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