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School is back in session, and for many that means late nights studying and early morning gym time, just to keep up. We've already covered the benefits of a full night's sleep, but for those times when you simply can't make it happen, these mocha protein shake recipes will help you bounce back and keep pushing through the day.

Image of A Mocha Coffee on a wooden table

1. Mocha Mint

Image of coffee beans and green mint tea leaves and a vase of waterWorried about coffee breath? Worry no more - this blend of refreshing mint and your morning mocha is the perfect way to wake up and keep your breath fresh when you're on the go. View Recipe

2. Chocolate Mocha Mixer

Coffee beans being sifted in a basket Ready to hit the road? The official protein shake recipe of up-and-coming race car driver, Annabeth Barnes, is a rich way to wake up before you get behind the wheel. Fun fact: the BlenderBottle Classic fits in most standard car cup holders, allowing you to blend a perfect shake before the light turns green. View Recipe

3. Mocha Madness

Mocha coffee image in a white mug on a wooden tableIf mocha is your thing, you'll go mad for this protein shake recipe. It's a sure fire way to boost any morning. View Recipe What's your favorite morning-time pick me up? Tell us in the comments below. Photos Courtesy of: Michael Allen Smith, David, and Food Thinkers

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