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New Year, New You Recipe Roundup

New Year, New You Recipe Roundup - BlenderBottle

Ready, set, go! It's January, which means it's time to tackle New Year's resolutions head on.

Seven tasty recipes to help support your New Year's resolutions and nutrition goals.

If your 2020 New Year's resolution is related to diet, the task may feel daunting. But don't worry we know how tough it can be to change nutrition habits, which is why we have your back. We've scoured the web for a selection of delicious, nutritious recipes to help support the new you.

All About Keto?

If you're going all in on a keto diet plan and looking for a keto-friendly protein shake, this Low Carb Acai Almond Butter Smoothie from Perfect Keto is just the thing for you. It's an almond milk keto protein shake that will keep your taste buds happy and help you recover right. And if you use a plant-based keto protein powder, your shake will tick the vegan box, too.

Pro tip: Keep kitchen mess to a minimum by mixing protein shakes in your favorite BlenderBottle shaker no electric blender required.

Going Vegetarian?

If your New Year's resolution is to adopt a vegetarian diet, here's a recipe for Sweet Potato Hash Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms from Eating Well you'll want to try. The flavor is sausage-inspired yet entirely meat free, so it's a perfect way to wean carnivorous cravings. The portobello mushrooms make this a hearty dish, and sweet potato, bell pepper, and apple add plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber.

Cutting Carbs?

This Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl from Yummy Healthy Easy ditches the tortilla of a standard burrito and instead piles everything into a bowl. The whole grain brown rice is a healthier alternative to high-glycemic white rice, but if you want even fewer carbs you can omit the rice altogether. Consider adding cauliflower rice instead.

Hello, Paleo?

Delish delivers a perfect Paleo-approved breakfast with this recipe for Paleo Breakfast Stacks. They're sort of like breakfast slider sandwiches minus the buns. If you're in a hurry they're easy enough to wrap in foil and pack to go; just cook the yolk solid, or else scramble the eggs, to avoid a runny mess.

Eating Gluten Free?

Longing for a hearty helping of lasagna, but committed to going gluten free? This Gluten-Free Meat and Zucchini Lasagna from Cooking Light provides an ideal wholesome meal. The corn and rice noodles mean you'll still get the satisfaction of real pasta, minus the gluten you're trying to avoid.

Need More Greens?

Let's be honest there's a limit to how much salad a person can eat. But if adding more dark leafy greens to your diet is one of your goals, there are plenty of other ways to consume more. Case in point: these tasty snack-time Chili Kale Chips from the Food Network. In addition to kale, they contain heart-healthy olive oil. Shed the guilt and get snacking!

So Long, Sugar?

You might think that sticking to a sugar-free diet is one of the toughest New Year's resolutions to keep that is, until you try this Sugar-Free Red Velvet Molten Lava Mug Cake from The Spruce Eats. The single-serving cake is delicious and easy to make. What's more, you won't be tempted to binge on leftovers (in case you're cutting calories, too).

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