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The sun is up, the sky is blue, and it's ridiculously hot outside. With the stifling heat of summer in full swing, the desire to get out and work out is easy to lose; and as if that weren't enough, exercising out in the heat has the potential to be dangerous if you're not careful. We don't want that to be yet another excuse to avoid your daily routine, so we've compiled a few tips to keep you safe and well as you go about getting fit during the summer months.


1. Drink Up

It is no surprise that during the hot months we sweat more (especially when cranking out a good work out), and as a result we need to drink more - a lot more. Sweating is the body's way of staying cool, and in order to do that it needs fluids to draw from. Jaime Roberts, exercise physiologist, explains, "If the body can no longer cool itself, it starts storing heat inside. The core temperature begins to rise and you put your internal organs and central nervous system at risk." With serious health risks such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke on the line, it's more important than ever to keep a water bottle or shaker cup of H20 close by.

In addition to losing water, your body also loses electrolytes and salt when you start breaking a sweat. Dr. Jeff Alexander of Active Chiropractic suggests that, "The easiest way to get (electrolytes) is through sports drinks. What I would typically recommend in hot weather is a half-and-half mixture of half water and half sports drink mix. The watered-down version helps keep the fluids up but also gives a supply of electrolytes to manage the sweat loss that has occurred."

You heard the man, grab your BlenderBottle SportMixer and mix up something delicious to keep your electrolytes in check!


2. Rise and Shine

Working out in the morning will improve the overall cardiovascular impact of your workout, increase your ability to focus throughout the day, and decrease unnecessary food cravings. Add to that the fact that it is significantly cooler in the morning hours, and that exercising first thing makes sure you get it in for the day, and you've got a few solid reasons to into an early-morning workout habit. If early mornings just aren't your thing, there are benefits to evening exercise as well. In addition to staying cool, benefits of night-time workouts include post-day stress relief, improved sleep, and of course, a few extra snooze buttons in the morning.


3. Find a Friend

Working out with a friend not only increases the likelihood that you will in fact work out, but it also serves as a safety precaution. Having someone around to make sure you're okay, or get help out if you're not, is always a good idea. You may also consider taking an outdoor fitness class to spice things up. Try pilates in the park, or yoga on the beach. Working with an instructor helps ensure your form is correct, and there will be plenty of people around to keep you safe and motivated.

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