Retro Bottle Design Competition 2024

BlenderBottle® Retro Bottle Design Competition 2024

As the OG shaker cup, we're excited to invite our talented users to showcase their creativity by designing a retro-fitness themed bottle for a $1000 PRIZE. We will be producing the winning design later this year for the entire BlenderBottle ® community to purchase. Submissions will be live from 3/25/2024 - 4/8/2024. Below are some helpful tips & instructions to participate: 

Theme & Evaluation Criteria: 

Using the BlenderBottle ® Classic™ as a blank canvas, your design should reflect an old-school retro aesthetic combined with elements that represent fitness. Think bold colors, vintage patterns, and iconic fitness motifs. Designs will be judged based on their representation of the theme, overall attractiveness, and connection to the BlenderBottle® brand.  Any submissions containing inappropriate or controversial content, including hate speech, nudity, or profanity will not be considered. See the contest’s terms and conditions for more details.

Design instructions can be found on each template. 

How to Enter: 

Below is a downloadable file template. This PDF page is an Adobe compatible file for those who prefer digital design, but it can also be printed and hand-drawn upon for those who prefer a non-digital approach. After completing your design, please save the final file as your first name and last name (e.g., "John-Doe.pdf"). The type of design, whether hand-drawn or created with graphic design software, will not affect the evaluation of your submission.

Download PDF Template

Rules & Eligibility: 

Design submissions will be open from 3/25/2024 - 4/8/2024. All participants must be 18 years of age or older and residents of the United States. All submissions must be the original work of the participant and cannot feature any licensed artwork from other entities. Each participant is limited to one submission. 

Prizes & Announcements: 

After the submission period ends, we will be posting the final designs on Instagram Stories for voting. We will also be reaching out to the finalists to verify eligibility and refine any design details. Based on the social voting, the winner will walk away with a $1,000 prize as well as some free samples of the bottle you helped create…. Good Luck! 

Full competition terms & conditions can be found here.