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32 oz sticker on a 24 oz blender bottle.

Very disappointed to find my BlenderBottle held only 24 oz instead of the 32 oz sticker (on the bottle) and the 32oz stamp on the bottom of the bottle!
Great marketing with integrity and honesty !! Very Disappointed !!

We're sorry for any confusion with this product. While the measurement markings on your bottle may only go up to 24oz, shaker bottles are measured to the brim of the cup and it should hold a full 32oz when filled to the top. The total volume each cup holds should be listed on the base of the cup. If you have any additional questions about this item, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

Scott Griffiths
Excellent Shaker

Received as free gift through SuppKings. I love the colour and updated carry handle on the lid. This is my main shaker I use for my creatine, pre workout and whey.

Jackson Engnell

Bought one to replace my old blender bottle that I had, had for 2 years. Had it for 4 days and the top broke, it broke the same way my first one did. The top came apart where it connects to the threads to screw on to the bottle.

Hi Jackson, We are so sorry to hear about your lid, please submit a warranty claim with us at Our Warranty Team would be happy to take a look.

Neill Beck
best thing money can buy!

ive had my blender bottle for many years, and i put my hot coffee in it and it stays pretty warm and has never broken or cracked. but when you do drop it it sounds like a damn spaceship braking down.

Pascal Boucher

Best blender bottle ever
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