Choco-Coco Protein Shake
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Prep 3 min.
One of the many things we love about this shake? The name. Go ahead—try saying it 10 times fast. And now that your tongue is all tied up and tired, make the shake and soothe your lucky mouth.


Serving Size: 1 servings

6 oz skim milk

1 serving chocolate protein powder

3 tbsp coconut cream pudding mix




In the order listed, add ingredients to your favorite BlenderBottle® shaker cup, close the leak-proof lid, and shake until oh-so-smooth.


WHY THIS SHAKE ROCKS: Because until now, we didn’t know coconut cream pudding was a thing. A really, ridiculously delicious thing.


A PERFECT MATCH: A shake this fun deserves to be served in a BlenderBottle® Classic™ shaker from our Motivational Classic collection.


Nutritional Information:

Per serving: 184.8 calories, 2.3 g total fat (1.2 g sat. fat), 48.8 mg chol., 159.8 mg sodium, 20.7 g carbo., 15.9 g sugars, 21.2 g protein

Photo Courtesy Of: JamieAnne
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