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The Water Project - BlenderBottle

As a bottle company, we believe in the importance of clean water for everyone. Many individuals in developing countries do not have access to clean water, and our team has created an initiative to help improve this situation.

Creating a well is about more than just digging a hole. It's about more than sending money to a community in Africa. The sustainable water projects we invest in are the product of a group of dedicated people who want to make a life-changing difference for those who do not have the seemingly simple luxury of clean water.

When BlenderBottle funds the creation of a well in sub-Saharan Africa through The Water Project, we as a company get to witness the process. When we give, we receive stories, GPS coordinates, photos, and other information about the community and individuals we have helped and how our contribution has impacted their lives. In 2018, BlenderBottle purchased a rainwater catchment for the Eshikufu Primary School in Western Kenya that is currently in progress. This rainwater catchment tank will help curb water scarcity, enabling students to attend a school with fresh water for drinking, cooking, and sanitizing.

We're a team of water lovers, and we find great joy in providing safe water to children and families throughout developing countries. Our contributions to The Water Project allow us to pay forward our immense gratitude for the resources we have access to, and help others receive a sustainable, life-altering gift.


Wells from the water project


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