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Rena Giountsis
Bad lid

These are not worth the price as lids break easily even with gently care. The cost of lid replacement is not worth it. Please contact me to discuss if you wish.


I bought the strada and the lid wouldn’t screw on. I tried for 20 minutes trying to get it on but it wouldn’t work. I tried lids then from my other blender bottle and those worked just fine on it, but those lid don’t match the Strada bottle.

Michael Hartson
Good Bottle - Bad Cap

I love the metal bottles that companies have been selling lately. The problem I have seen now is the quality of the lid is sub-par. I work in testing and it seems as though the product has not been subject to drop testing at a height of higher than 2 inches based on me dropping my bottle about 3 inches from the ground and the lid completely cracking. As other people have said, this is kind of crazy.
If this were to be fixed I would give the product a 5 star, but that is holding it back.

We're sorry to hear your experience has been less than ideal. Our warranty does not cover accidental damage, however, we do have replacements available on our website here: . We will gladly share your feedback with our team.

Radian bottle - Worst bottle, lid issues

Completely agree with Joshua below - I came here for the same reason, to look at a replacement lid for my Radian bottle. I have about 6 blender bottles and do enjoy using them all.. Different styles and colours - mix things up a bit.

My Radian bottle lid has cracked, thread gone. It is the bottle I have paid the most for and poorest quality.

I tried the warranty link but I'm outside the USA. No longer in the same city as where I purchased it.

I have contacted Blender Bottle multiple times via social media about the counterfeit products being sold here in Australia with photos and details of the stores.

Time to find another brand to support on my fitness journey.

Joshua Undesser
Worst lids ever

I love the blender bottles themselves and I use them every day. I have probably 10 of them total. Unfortunately, the lids on these guys are the worst designed things ever. Pretty much every single lid has cracked over time. Everyone! Blender Bottle used to be good about warranties and they honored their lifetime warranty regardless of where you bought it. I guess they realize now how poorly designed the lids are because the warranty has changed so that they only honor the warranty if you buy it from them directly.
So all the bottles I've purchased from Amazon and Dicks Sporting goods literally no longer have a warranty even though the tag that came with them literally says lifetime warranty. The only reason I'm even writing this review is because I came here to file warranty claims for two more lids. Like I said, every one of the lids have cracked. Everyone. Blender bottle needs to step up and either make a better lid or at least replace them when they crack. And they will crack. Buyer beware! Stay away!

We're sorry for any confusion that may have occurred. All BlenderBottle products are covered under a limited lifetime warranty regardless of where they are purchased from. Cracking around the lid is typically a result of excess pressure on the threading and can be avoided by only tightening the lid a quarter turn past snug. This should keep bottles leak proof without leading to cracking. If you still experience this issue, please submit a warranty claim on our website here: