ProStak® Expansion Pak

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Serious Storage.

Expand the capacity of your ProStak® system. The 100cc and 150cc jars double the initial storage capacity of your system, while the massive 250cc jar offers ample room for larger supplements and snacks.


Twist N' Lock™ Technology.

Lock and load. Connect jars together with a quick quarter twist to streamline your on-the-go nutrition.


Ditch The Pill Minder.

A covert pill tray locks into any jar lid, allowing you to carry pills and powders in the same container.


Removable Carry Handle.

The removable carry handle attaches to any jar lid, making it easy to clip your Expansion Pak jars to a backpack for quick access.


Strong & Secure.

Built to take a beating, Expansion Pak jars keep contents in place and your gym bag clean.

Product Details

  • Extra-Large 250cc jar
  • 150cc jar
  • 100cc jar
3.13" x 6.63"
  • Wash all jars and lids before initial use, and immediately after each use.
  • All ProStak® jars are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Alternately, you may clean jars and lids using warm soapy water.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Great addition. Super functional.

Huel Prep

I use these for Huel meal prep, the large size holds one serving of Huel quite well. The only thing that could make these better is if there was a slightly larger size, and/or funnel attachments so we can dump things from these into shaker easier and fill the containers with powder easier. Otherwise a great container and I couldn't be happier!

Lisa Martin
ProStack is perfect

I love the versatility of the ProStack products. They are made well and are easy to use. I think moms would love them for on the go snack for the kiddos. I love it for snacks and my protein powder. Would get this again.

Pamela Buffington
Love it but...

I love blender bottle mainly due to how well it is constructed & toxic free materials AND the little add-on screw top packs to hold powders or vitamins.
I especially love the ring loop on the lid- so easy for carrying on a finger or hooking to a caribiner to nap sack. AND I LOVE THE STURDY DRINKING LID. it never spills and seems to be ergonomically adaptable to lips/mouths drinking protein mashups. I ditched so many other brands bc the liquid got stuck in the cap & leaked on me when drinking. Blender bottle to the rescue!
They have stacking cups with screw lids that attach to the bottle. A game changer in my book. I ordered several bottles from Amazon but wanted a really big bottle that was only on the Blender bottle website. While I was happy to have it, I was very disappointed that the boot Om doesn't fit the stacking screw-on cups to hold powders. I thought about returning it, but that seemed like a hassle. IMHO BLENDER BOTTLE is the best bottle on the market. Did I mention my free gift? A fabulous cleaning wand- the bomb 👍

Dina Webb
ProStak is the perfect on the go solution

These work so well for taking my powder supplements as well as pill supplements with me wherever I go!