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3 Tips for Bulking Up

3 Tips for Bulking Up - BlenderBottle

Not every health resolution revolves around weight loss. For many, the new year brings a renewed dedication to gaining "healthy weight" (i.e. muscle.) Sound familiar? If bulking up and gaining lean muscle is your goal for 2014, the tips below may help get you on the right path.

1. Maintain Protein Levels

The body's process of storing proteins is called protein synthesis, and is something you want to generate when pursuing muscle gain. The more protein your body is able to store, the more it will have to draw from to repair muscles. Lean meats and a surprising number of vegetables are excellent sources of protein, and are easy to work into every meal of the day. Protein shakes are a given as well, and we recommend mixing them up every now and then with one of our many BlenderBottle protein shake recipes. Simply add the ingredients to your BlenderBottle shaker cup, add the BlenderBall wire whisk ball, and shake.

2. Build Up Your Big Muscles

Working out large muscle groups such as your back, chest, and legs promotes the greatest amount of protein synthesis, thus helping you gain the most amount of weight in the quickest possible way. As with any exercise plan, however, balance and variation is key. Make sure to target these larger muscle groups every workout, but keep a rotation, and make sure to work out each muscle group equally.

3. Take a Rest

It's tempting to start off the new year full-force, hitting the gym 7 days a week in hopes of jump-starting your goal. Your muscles rebuild when you're resting, however, so it's crucial that you give them that time. On your days off, make sure to snack on carbohydrate-rich foods to slow the rate of internal protein breakdown. A banana with peanut butter will do the trick, and increase your protein levels all at once. What are some of your weight-gain tips?

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