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3 Tips For Healthier Snacking

3 Tips For Healthier Snacking - BlenderBottle

Work a desk job? Me too. An unfortunate side effect for me has been developing a nasty habit of unhealthy snacking. My relationship with the vending machine has grown a little too close, while my relationship with fruits and vegetables has begun to suffer. Snacking isn't inherently bad it simply depends on what you snack on and how much you eat. If your between-meal snacking is adding more calories than you need or you simply need some healthier snacking ideas for work/school, try the following tips to keep it in check.

1. Reach for fruit and vegetables, when possible

Notice I say "when possible." We've all had times when the thought of eating another carrot stick is sickening. That's okay, but when looking for a snack try reaching for produce first. Rich in micro-nutrients, these snacks are packed with vitamins, low on calories, and guilt-free. A few of my current favorites include celery sticks, apple/orange slices, baby carrots, berries of any sort, and pomegranate seeds all of which fit perfectly in my 150cc GoStak jars and are great for the workplace.

2. Add protein to the mix

Nut-butters and trail mixes are great for this. If celery is my vegetable of choice for the day, I almost always pack along some peanut butter in my 60cc GoStak jar and dried berries in the 40cc jar to top it off. The added protein helps keep me full for longer, pulling me through the home-stretch until my next meal. Other healthy protein sources include string cheese, hard boiled eggs, beans, or cottage cheese.

3. Portion control

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I need chocolate in my life. I can't help it. For my third (and final) GoStak plug, let me just say it helps me keep my sweet tooth in check. Portioning out my snacks ahead of time allows me to eat more produce, more protein, and less sweets. The 40cc jar gives me just enough chocolate to curb the craving, and the remaining jars filled with produce/protein fill me up until meal time. Got any healthy snacking ideas you use at work? Tell us in the comments below!


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