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6 Tips for Staying Motivated While You're Workin' It

6 Tips for Staying Motivated While You're Workin' It - BlenderBottle

Here's the deal. You're healthy and fit. You look good great, even. But sometimes maybe more often than you care to admit your workout motivation wanes. It happens to everyone, including the fittest among us. Why do you think so many people from weekend warriors to professional athletes to hard-bodied celebs hire personal trainers and coaches? Because they need help getting motivated, too. Every now and then, we all need a kick in our tightly toned booties to stay on track.


Don't freak out if your fitness motivation is flailing. Instead, read on. We'll show you just how to strategize your own stay-fit revolution. Here are half a dozen tricks and tips to fire up your mojo and avoid a motivational slump. Because, #goals.


1) Set It and Smash It Step By Step

First up, figure out what you want to do. Hit the gym six days a week, every week, without fail? Train for a half marathon? Get bikini ready for your BFF's destination wedding? Whatever your goal, define it first, then break it down. Tackle a big goal in smaller chunks so that it's less daunting, and supremely doable. Plus, it's far more fun to tick a box every time you accomplish a step along the way, than to try and be patient for one ultimate achievement. Acknowledge and celebrate your gains every time you knock off another mini goal each full week of working out, for example to keep your motivation fresh and fun.


2) Pics or it Didn't Happen

Pics and posts, that is. One of the best ways to make your motivation stick is to state your intentions, publicly so post the heck out of that goal. Instagram and Snapchat your objective, your plan to achieve it, and every step of your progress. A daily selfie of your successes while working out or even your struggles to get up and get out the door will keep the comments coming and help you stay on track. Before and after pics are another surefire way to get encouragement and from your friends and followers, and keep it 100 as you go.


3) Go Social

Social media is one thing but now we're talking old-school social. As in, meet up with your squad for some solid gym time. Working out with friends is way more motivating and fun than going it alone, plus they can serve as accountability partners to hold you to your goal. So grab your guy friends or text your girl posse and get the group together at the gym, trail, or track. Head to spin class or yoga together. CrossFit and cocktails, anyone? In a pinch, challenge your gym crush to a plank challenge; there's nothing wrong with a little flirty fun, especially if it leads to tight abs!


4) Buy In

Literally, invest in your goal. "Look good, feel good" is one of the oldest tricks in the book and a legit excuse to shop. A cute new workout outfit is guaranteed to get you motivated, so find some trendy tech apparel that fits the bill and flatters your build and you'll be extra amped to exercise. Don't forget to accessorize with a BlenderBottle shaker to match your OOTD; we have an endless array of colors and styles to choose from to keep you fueled and hydrated while looking fine. A wearable fitness tracker (from brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, or Garmin) is another accessory that can complement your fitness fashion and help you stay fired up.


5) #HashtagThis

"Suck it up, buttercup." "Strong is the new skinny." "Sweat is just your fat crying." Whatever works to motivate you, get your mantra on and make it stick. Use it to boost your energy and stay true to your best intentions when your commitment to fitness lags. Hashtags like #FitnessFriday, #NoPainNoGain, #GymLife, and #Fitspo are not only fun to use, they'll also help you find others working toward similar goals and all sorts of fitness inspiration online. So get your hashtag game on and get moving, #NoExcuses.


6) Be Imperfectly Perfect

Don't be all Type-A about your fitness and nutrition goals all the time. That's right we've spent this entire post getting you geared up to throw down, and now we're telling you to back off from time to time. That's because balance and moderation will help you accomplish more in the long run, rather than sticking to a super strict regimen from which you're sure to rebel. Do make goals and work hard to achieve them, but give yourself a break now and then. Build it into your routine. For example, every Sunday night after a successful week of hard workouts, pop open a pint of Halo Top. Or, make it random. Go for a spontaneous massage if you need some special pampering, or ditch your long run for a Netflix marathon occasionally. Taking breaks here and there will help you maintain a healthy approach to fitness and refresh your motivation for the next day.


Armed with these six tricks, you'll be well on your way to max motivation. And if you want even more tips to push yourself, we have plenty just download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Staying Motivated. Now get ready, set that goal, stick with, and smash it!


Got any great tips of your own to share? We're all ears! Let us know how you stay motivated in the comments below.

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