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How to Prepare for Running

How to Prepare for Running - BlenderBottle

Running isn't easy. Most people probably find the exercise grueling. But it doesn't have to be that way. Every runner began in the same inexperienced situation. With a few tips, this could be the year you finally run that race you've always talked about.

1. Buy the right running shoes

Don't underestimate the importance of a solid pair shoes specifically designed for running. And not all running shoes are created equally. Everyone's foot is different and needs a different type of shoe. Some offer various drop patterns and conform to higher arches. Others can simulate running barefoot. Consult an expert at your nearest running store to see what type of shoe will provide you with the optimal comfort.

2. Warm up

Stretching is vital for anyone who wants to run. Muscles need to be warmed up and primed before taking on any endurance exercise. Active stretching involves the movement of your limbs and is strongly recommended prior to any exercise. Static stretches can be performed after the run to cool down your muscles.

3. Start small

You need to break in your shoes, and it takes practice to be able to run long-distances. One mistake many people make when first beginning is taking on too much too quickly. If you aren't an experienced runner, don't try to run multiple miles on your first outing simply for bragging rights. This can lead to back and joint pain and tendinitis in your feet and knees, which can take several months to heal. And remember to pace yourself with what feels comfortable but challenging.

4. Track your time, not your distance

It's much more effective to begin with setting a specific time you'll spend running. Don't worry about how much distance you're covering. The more you run, the more distance you'll be able to gain with natural progression. You only need to note your mileage if and when you begin training for a race.

5. Hydrate

Maintain proper hydration throughout the day and after your run. Don't, however, guzzle a whole bottle immediately before you step outside. Doing so will likely cause a lot of discomfort and slow your pace. When you are just starting out, you will likely not need to carry much water with you during your run, if any. If you do, take quick shots as desired along the way and replenish entirely when you return. Thinking about becoming a runner? Share this article with your friends and get a running buddy!

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