How to Take Pre-Workout and When

How to Take Pre-Workout and When - BlenderBottle

We all know that getting our gym on is critical to feeling good and hitting our fitness goals. But sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time), we need a little extra push to get that workout in and those endorphins pumping.

Maybe you're feeling unmotivated, exhausted, or just plain lazy. Either way, pre-workout may be a viable solution.

Wondering how to get these exercise supplements into your routine and how to take pre-workout? Keep reading to find out.


What Is a Pre-Workout?

Let's start with the basics. Pre-workout is a supplement that gives you energy and maximizes your efforts at the gym.

Pre-workout typically comes in the form of a powdered drink mix, although it is also available in liquid, chew, and capsule forms. It is intended to be consumed as a precursor to a workout.

What does a pre-workout do for you? The intended effect for consumers is to boost energy levels and improve endurance and strength. This is achieved through a mix of antioxidants, caffeine, B vitamins, and carbs.


Benefits of Pre-Workout

There are numerous advantages to taking pre-workout before a strenuous session at the gym. Pre-workout has truly come into its own as an effective solution. More products are hitting the shelves all the time, with a wide range of flavor combinations.

Want to learn why this product is trending? In the section below, we break down the main advantages of this supplement.


May Support Muscle Gain

Some pre-workout supplements contain a high concentrate of essential amino acids. Since amino acids can assist in muscle gain, it is no surprise that many people see increased muscle definition as a benefit of this supplement.

Pre-workouts with a high levels of arginine and citrulline increase blood flow to the muscles while also serving to build muscle. Thus, not only can your muscles become more defined, but they can work harder during more intense workouts as well.


Boosts Endurance

We all know the feeling of being tired and drained after a long workout. Pre-workout may reduce the symptoms of fatigue in two different ways:

First, the caffeine in the supplement gives you energy, which fuels you with endurance and motivation.

Second, the beta-alanine present in the pre-workout reduces the burn of intense training, which means you're able to push harder and longer.

This can be a game changer in the gym! Not only will you see your motivation increase, but you'll be able to endure intense training as well.


Boosts Strength

Along with endurance comes increased strength. Pre-workout supplements fortify the metabolism to provide tangible increases in strength.

Creatine that may be present in pre-workout helps boost the biochemical mechanisms that enhance energy in the body. Any nitrate present may also provide muscles with the vital nutrients needed for optimal performance.


When to Take a Pre-Workout

You might be wondering when you should take a pre-workout to achieve the optimal benefits. Technically, you can take your supplement anytime you want, but timing can make a massive difference in seeing better results.

Pre-workout timing is crucial to avoid a crash. You've likely experienced a similar impact with caffeine you gain a lot of energy, but you may also crash later on.

Thus, taking your supplement too early can cause these adverse effects to occur mid-workout.

On the other hand, if you take your pre-workout too late, you'll find yourself struggling to fall asleep come bedtime.

Thus, the best time to take your pre-workout is about 30 minutes before your session. This allows the caffeine to power your workout, but still leaves enough time afterward that it won't impact the rest of your day.


How to Take Pre-Workout

Simply add your preworkout powder to a BlenderBottle Brand shaker cup with a small amount of water. Once added, secure the lid and shake until mixed.


How Long Does Pre-Workout Stay in Your System?

The answer to this question is directly related to the effects of pre-workout on the body.

For most healthy adults, the effects of pre-workout shouldn't last longer than five hours. However, this does come with a caveat. Some people metabolize caffeine differently, which means that they may feel minor effects even after five hours.

Thus, tailor your pre-workout consumption to how long you feel its effects. After all, you don't want to be jittery or nervous right before going to bed.

The recommended safe amount of caffeine to consume is 400 milligrams per day. But to get your body used to the effects of caffeine, we suggest introducing pre-workout slowly. Start with a smaller amount, and as your tolerance for the supplement builds up, you can increase the volume you consume.

This approach will help mitigate some of the side effects of excessive caffeine. These can include rapid heartbeat, jitters, and even headaches and anxiety.

When adding any supplement to your diet or workout routine, be sure to check with your doctor or health care practitioner to ensure that the specific supplement is suitable for your body and its unique needs.


Pre-workout Is the Energy Boost You Never Knew You Needed

We hope you're feeling more confident in your understanding of why, when, and how to take pre-workout.

A pre-workout regimen will set you up with the energy you need to smash your workout, and it is also effective and easy to incorporate into your routine. Just make sure you have the right tools for mixing your pre-workout notably, a BlenderBottle shaker cup to make mixing your pre-workout powder a breeze.

Find the best pre-workout for you and your favorite BlenderBottle and get going.

Shop our shakers here today!


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