Low-Calorie Protein Shake Recipes

Low-Calorie Protein Shake Recipes - BlenderBottle

A great-tasting protein shake rarely comes straight from the jar. They usually take a little finesse and an add-in or two. If you're not careful, you can end up with a delicious shake, but also pack on an additional 300 calories. We've collected three delicious, low-calorie protein shake recipes for the days when you need something light. Try them for yourself and let us know what you think.

1. CocoNut Dream

Turn your dreams of delicious protein into a reality with this chocolate-coconut blend. This protein shake recipe rings in at less than 200 calories and is a treat anyone can enjoy after a long, hard workout.
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Why this Shake Rocks: The amazing taste of Coconut and chocolate all in a low calorie shake? Nothing is better!

A Perfect Match: With this good of a shake you will want the Classic45 to fill to the brim with this shake!

2. Minty Chocolate Chill

Often compared to an Andes mint - this is a protein shake recipe everyone can go for.

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Why This Shake Rocks: A perfect minty taste will be the best post-workout reward!

A Perfect Match: This original mint shake has to be enjoyed with the Classic White BlenderBottle


3. Cherry-Chocolate Delight

A cherry chocolate masterpiece. For days when dessert is calling your name, reach for this light weight-protein shake instead.

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Why this Shake Rocks: The combination of cherry and chocolate works to make a flavory shake!

A Perfect Match: This light weight shake deserves the Just For Fun BlenderBottle!

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