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Timing Is Everything Order Your Gifts Now.

Timing Is Everything Order Your Gifts Now. - BlenderBottle

The holidays are right around the corner and that can mean a ton of stress. Between all of the various work parties, family dinners, and travel plans, this season can get pretty hectic. Save yourself the hyperventilation and get your shopping done early.

If you're going to be giving your family or friends (or yourself) the gift of gains this year, then you'll want to keep some dates in mind. Order by the following dates to ensure that your gifts make it under the tree.


  • FedEx 2 day: Dec. 20
  • FedEx standard overnight: Dec. 21
  • Free shipping: Dec. 11
  • Flat rate shipping: Dec. 11


  • First Class: Dec. 7
  • Priority Mail international: Dec. 8
  • Priority mail Express International: Dec. 15
  • FedEx Ground: Dec. 12
  • FedEx Economy: Dec. 19
  • FedEx Priority: Dec. 20

Remember, if you order at the last minute, we can't guarantee that your gifts will make it on time for the holidays. So order on time, and everyone on your list will be happy.

Happy Holidays!

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