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Forming and maintaining good habits is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits not only improve your quality of life, but can help you keep more money in the bank. Recent studies have shown the negative financial effects of unhealthy habits, and the results are staggering. Procrastination alone can cost you up to $600 per year in things like unused gym memberships.

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Obesity not only hurts your health, but your wallet as well. Over-eating and eating out can cost you an additional $500 per year, a number that builds quietly and is often unnoticed. The resulting medical costs of unhealthy eating habits also add up. By one estimate, the U.S. spent $190 billion on obesity-related health care expenses in 2012 alone. I recommend you take the money and run- literally.

The BlenderBottle Classic is a tool that can help combat unhealthy habits, and when paired with the GoStak you can always have healthy snacks and meal replacement powders close at hand. Be sure to check out our recipes section for some quick shaker bottle recipes that will help you eat right and save time. Drinking is another costly unhealthy habit, did you know that moderate drinking (5 drinks per week) can cost you nearly $1600 annually? Alcohol use also puts you at an increased risk of arthritis, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and obesity. Start cutting back on your alcohol consumption to save both your health and your wallet.

Healthy habits save lives, and money. By cutting back on procrastination, over-eating, and drinking you could save up to $2700 per year. Tell us in the comments below, what would you do with that kind of money?

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