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What Muscles Does a Rowing Machine Work?

What Muscles Does a Rowing Machine Work? - BlenderBottle

Only 23% of Americans meet National Exercise Guidelines. That means 3/4 of the U.S. population is not getting enough exercise.

One of the biggest battles is knowing how to exercise and what's good for you.

While there are many great workouts out there, there are so many rowing machine benefits for you so adding this to your workout is something you should do right away! From building muscle to being great for your heart health, it does it all!

Ready to learn more about what muscles the rowing machine works? Keep reading!

What Muscles Does Rowing Work?

If you're wondering, "what does the rowing machine work?", the answer is a lot! A rowing machine works a lot of different muscles.

So what does the rowing machine work? Here are some of the muscles it helps to build.


As long as you keep good form, rowing helps build your core muscles. When you pull back on the rowing machine, do you want to make sure that you slightly lean back. This is what helps to engage your abdominal muscles.

Not only will this movement help you engage your abdominal muscles, but it will also engage your hip flexors as well which are part of your core.

Keeping your core tight will also help protect your back from any injuries.

Quads and Hamstrings

In addition to your core, you can also expect to work your leg muscles.

The power that you get when rowing is all from your legs. This includes the quads, calves, and hamstrings. So when you push back to row, you are working all of those muscles.

Latissimus Dorsi

You can also feel the rowing machine working your lats - the muscles that are located on your back.

This is because once you push through with your legs, you are also pulling with your arms back. However, to make sure that you were actually using your back and lats, you have to make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together at the end of each row. This will ensure you are working those muscles correctly.

Biceps and Deltoids

The deltoids are muscles located at the top of each shoulder. These muscles engage every time that you row back. As you pull with your arms, you will also be engaging your biceps in both arms to complete the full rowing movement.

Rowing Machine Benefits

When it comes to various exercises, mixing up the type of exercises that you do on a daily basis can benefit your overall health and workout routine. There are several reasons for this. Using the rowing machine is also beneficial to incorporate into your exercise routine.

Here are a few benefits of using a rowing machine.

Both Cardio and Resistance

The rowing machine is beneficial because it works your body in several different ways rather the one. For instance, instead of just being a strength workout or only classifying as a cardio workout, you get both at the same time.

This is considered aerobic exercise because it is increasing your body's ability to use oxygen efficiently. At the same time, you are burning fat, helping your heart, and building muscle.

Just be sure to stay hydrated while you are at it! Drinking the right amount of water will give you the energy you need to row efficiently.

Full-Body Workout

Much like it combines cardio and resistance, the rowing machine also combines a lot of different muscle groups as part of the workout.

To row, you have to use your leg muscles, your back and shoulder muscles, your core, and your arms. You cannot sufficiently row without using all of these muscle groups.

This is perfect if you want more than just an arm workout or leg workout - it does both at the same time!

Low Impact

Not all workouts are considered to be low-impact. A low impact workout can be beneficial on your joints and your body, especially if you are used to working your body in a more intense way like jumping, running, or lifting heavy objects.

With the rowing machine, you are working your muscles and getting the cardio you want without harming any of your joints or putting yourself at risk of injury.

How to Use a Rowing Machine

You may think using a rowing machine is pretty straightforward. However, there is a rowing machine technique that you should use to guarantee you are using the right form to gain muscle and reduce injuries.

For starters, you want to focus on your legs first. This is what will push you through the row itself. Once you fully push back, you will pull your arms back as well. When you get into the groove of things, these will both happen simultaneously.

The most important thing to take note of is that you do not want to use your lower back to help with the rowing (either pushing back or pulling). This can lead to injury with improper form.

Using a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great workout for many different reasons. From being a full-body workout but also on the lower side of the impact scale, your body will thank you for including it in your workout regimen because of all of the rowing machine benefits.

However, when it comes to using a rowing machine, you want to make sure you have the right form. You also should pay attention to being hydrated! If you need a water bottle to stay hydrated, you should check out our shop! We have tons of bottles to choose from to ensure that you are taking care of your body when you work out.

Stay hydrated and get rowing!

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