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Which Color Of The Month Is Making a Comeback?

Which Color Of The Month Is Making a Comeback? - BlenderBottle

80s themed BlenderBottle

WINNER: 80's Bottle

Thanks to the thousands of you who participated by casting your vote.


When can I get this bottle?

We've always kept the upcoming month's bottle colors a secret, but we MAY give you some clues for this one. This bottle MAY be released sometime in the spring. It MAY be a hot commodity so you MAY want to make plans to ensure you get one when it comes out in the near future.

(Note: If you didn't figure it out, the bottle will be released in May.)

How can you get yours?

There are two ways you can ensure that you get this #COTM Throwback 80's bottle:

  • Sign up for the Color of the Month Club any time before May to guarantee you get a bottle

  • Come back to our website on May 1st and order the bottle. Subscribe to email updates below and we will email you when the bottle is released.

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