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About the Koda Water Jug

Hitting your water quota just got easier.

Still lugging around an awkward, ugly, single-use gallon container? Upgrade to Koda, the stylish large water jug from BlenderBottle Hydration. The Koda jug provides a massive 2.2-liter capacity, along with plenty of built-to-last features.

  • Large 74oz capacity
  • SpoutGuard™ keeps your drinking spout clean
  • Measurement markings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA and phthalate-free

74oz or 2.2 liters


5.35" x 10.5"

Usage Guide

Large Capacity Water Jug

Serious workouts call for serious hydration. At 2.2-liters, Koda is designed to help hydrate you through a huge workout, a long weekend, or a hectic day ahead. Hitting your daily water quota has never been easier.


The Koda Water Jug's SpoutGuard™ keeps your dirty gym fingers off your drinking spout.

BPA and Pthalate Free

Built only from the highest quality materials, Koda is BPA and phthalate free.

Fueling You

We do more than just sell bottles. We simplify and improve everyday life. Most importantly—we help fuel your ambitions, your goals, your accomplishments. And, just like you—we’re just getting started.


Koda Water Jug Features

Our water bottles are perfect for fitness enthusiasts on-the-go. Packed with features to enhance your fitness experience, our water jugs are ideal for everyone from beginners to the most experienced weightlifters.


Simply secure the srew-on lid, close the flip cap, and get moving. Toss the water jug in your car or gym bag and don't worry when it tips.

Carry Handle

With a streamlined design, a comfortable carry loop, and a sure-grip handle—the Koda jug is built to effortlessly haul around all the fluids you need.


Our updated lid now includes an ergonomic carry loop and SpoutGuard™, preventing dirty gym fingers from touching the drinking surface. With its sleek design and convenient features, The Koda water jug is perfect for fitness enthusiasts on-the-go.

Carry Loop

Maximize your convenience at the gym with our StayOpen™ flip cap and adjustable carry loop! Our shaker cups feature an integrated StayOpen™ flip cap and an adjustable carry loop that lets you hold more when your hands are full, as well as offering a perfect spot to attach your keys.

Huge 74oz Capacity
I love this bottle; it is not bulky or excessively tall. I can’t find another bottle that holds this much water and yet feels like a regular bottle. The gasket seal is crucial. Buying a new Koda is the best thing to do once the seal wears out. Last one lasted 2 years.


I love this jug so much! I can easily keep track of my daily water intake, and I’m obsessed with the color!

Tiffany S.

This bottle has been great! Really helping me hit my daily water goals!!

Lauren C.

Customer Reviews

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Nice size and color scheme

Not For Lefties

So far so great with this bottle, I only wish the threading on the lid allowed for it to be put on to have the opening on the other side of the bottle. As a left-handed person this is JUST inconvenient enough to be annoying to have to always use my non-dominant hand with this bottle. Otherwise good quality and size!

Best big bottle

This is the only water bottle that’s satisfied my husband’s overnight water needs, very comfortable and easy to handle despite the large volume. The cap is familiar from other blender bottles and the wide mouth for drinking and filling is perfect. We love these!


These jugs are way bigger than what is shown. But I love them especially if you are working out and don't want to keep constantly running to get water. I think it's also great for people who like to go out hiking because it supplies you with a good amount.


There is nothing I would change about this bottle. It is perfect in every way. I look forward to stocking up on them so I never find myself without.