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Melissa Hunt
The price is right

The first time I ordered the mystery bottle I got a cute pink and blue bottle. The second time I thought why not order 2 for my husband's birthday day and he got 2 black bottles. It is a mystery but I mean 2 different colors would have been cool...

Grace Jorgensen
Great Treat!

I will be adding a mystery item into all of my orders! I got a Classic 20oz shaker in a cute light blue color. I love the surprise treat for myself, and for only $6, can’t beat that!

Nice deal

Got a 20oz classic v2 bottle in an opaque mint/turquoise color. Maybe a previous color of the month? It’s cute and the small size is really convenient to keep at work. I’m glad I got it.

Not Worth

I was a (former) loyal blender bottle customer and have only purchased from them. I like their bottles, but the issue is they dont stand up to the test of time. I decided instead of buying the strata, to get two mysteries and see if i at least get one of the newer models (any line) to try. I was disappointed to find that i get 2 exact same old model classic bottles without the rounded bottoms or better cap seal. not sure if this experience is the same for everyone, but I basically spent $15 to get two downgrade bottles worse than the beat up titran bottle that i already have. I know how good blender bottles could get, its too bad all i got were old bottles that nobody wants to buy anymore so they rebrand them as 'mystery.' please dont get this unless youre okay with the possibility of receiving old junk...

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Joseph Meyer
I'll never pass it up

I've gotten two mystery items so far, and both widely exceeded what I paid for them in value. These are not leftovers!

One was a Mantra glass bottle, which would not have occurred to me to buy, but quickly became one of my favorites. It is really nice! And they seem to have a magical ability to select the right color.

The other one is an insulated stainless bottle. It was apparently an older model, cylindrical rather than tapered, but I actually like it better. It has become my road cup, and I love it.

This is just one of many things to like about a quirky but excellent company.