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Marc Mundell has been Race Walking since the age of 12, and recently realized his lifelong goal of competing in the the 2012 London Olympics. In doing so, Marc became the first South African male to compete at the 50km distance in 52 years and is currently the South African and African 50km Race Walk record holder. Through his own success, Marc hopes to encourage more athletes to get involved in the sport and to endure the arduous journey to achieve national and international success.

Training as an Olympic athlete has had a dramatic effect on Marc and the lifestyle he chooses to lead. When asked to elaborate on the relationship between the two, Marc responded,

 "I think it [Olympic training] has provided a tremendous platform for my life in general. Having a solid work ethic and aspiring to achieve my dreams in sport has manifested in my day to day activities, be it in academics, leisure activities, relationships or work. I have a personal pride in what I do and strive to achieve the best I possibly can. It has also taught me to dream bigger dreams and expect more from myself. I have learned to push my limits as an athlete and this has carried through into my day life. I am confident that I am a better person because of my sporting involvement.

Marc's dedication, drive, and commitment to be his best self illustrate all that Team BlenderBottle stands for. With that said, we're delighted to officially welcome him to the team, and anxious to share his favorite BlenderBottle protein shake recipe with you. Thanks Marc - keep up the good work, big things are definitely in your future.

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