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10 Words That Have a Different Meaning When You’re a Weightlifter

10 Words That Have a Different Meaning When You’re a Weightlifter - BlenderBottle

"Gains. Shredded. Juicing." Know the terms? Weightlifting has its own specialized vocabulary that can leave the non-lifter’s head spinning. If you're unfamiliar, check out our quick guide to help weightlifters and non-weightlifters get on the same page.


Normal Person: The type of lettuce used for taco Tuesday.

Weightlifter: To have very low body fat and well defined muscles.


Normal Person: Horrible. Excess body fat, usually induced by donuts, potato chips, and extra trips to the dessert bar.

Weightlifter: Awesome. Building up muscle size and strength. One step closer to getting swole.


Normal Person: The unfortunate result of a broken foot, bruised leg, or otherwise damaged limb.

Weightlifter: The fortunate result of lifting hard and becoming well-built and muscular.

Leg Day

Normal Person: One of those random holidays that you’ve never heard of, nor care to participate in.

Weightlifter: The thing that renders you unable to walk for the next 24 hours.


Normal Person: Squeezing lemons to help your 8-year-old get ready for her lemonade sale.

Weightlifter: Using anabolic steroids or other growth hormones.


Normal Person: Weapons that shoot bullets.

Weightlifter: The things that come out when the suns out.


Normal Person: Did you say NCAA?

Weightlifter: The building blocks of mass gains.


Normal Person: Something you only do when you know you’ll have visitors.

Weightlifter: This lift. Alternate: "eating clean" is avoiding fattening, sugary, or otherwise unhealthy foods.


Normal Person: Noun: something with two wheels that moves when you pedal.

Weightlifter: Verb: rotating through different types of training.


Normal Person: A desert involving bananas.

Weightlifter: Working different muscle groups each day. What other gym slang means something completely different to a non-weightlifter? Photo Credit: Runar Eilertsen

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