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20 Minute at Home Workout | BlenderBottle Trainer Team

20 Minute at Home Workout | BlenderBottle Trainer Team - BlenderBottle

Today for our HIIT workout we have 6 movements. For each of those 6 movements, you're going to do 40 seconds on of work and 20 seconds off. Make sure that while you are in your 40 seconds of work that you really are working your hardest, getting as many reps in as you can before you take that 20-second break. Then we're going to repeat that circuit 3 times for a total of 20 minutes.

Drop Squat Jumping Jack Complex

For the first movement of our circuit, we're going to start with a Drop Squat Jumping Jack Complex. It's two workouts. You're going to start standing tall, hop your feet slightly wider than hip width, sit back to your squat, pop back together into your starting position, and then into your jumping jack.

This is what it will look like: Make sure that while you drop down into your squat, your toes and knees go in the same direction and that your core is tight. Your belly button is pulled back into your spine. We'll be here for 40 seconds.

Bear Crawl with Single Leg Kickout

Our next movement is a Bear Crawl with Single Leg Kickout. You're going to start face down on all fours, and make sure your hands are stacked right below your shoulders. Then you're going to kick one leg out as you pull the opposite arm up. I'm going to have you alternating side to side, so go back to center and then out to the other side.

This is what it looks like: I'm down on all fours, I'm going to pull my ribs into my spine, and pick my knees up off the floor just an inch. Then I'm going to kick my right leg out and pull up my left arm, move back to center, and switch to the other side. Make sure while you do this you keep your butt down and when you return to center your hands stay right below your shoulders.

Pop Push Up

All right, next up we are going to get your heart rate up just a little higher. We are doing what I like to call the Pop Push Up. You will start down on the floor in a tall plank, squeezing your ankles, knees, and bum. You're going to pop your hands right outside your shoulder blades, drop down into your push up, and then breathe out as you explode from the floor back into your starting plank position.

This is what it will look like: I'm down here on the floor, hands below my shoulders, squeezing my ankles, knees, and bum. I'm going to drop down into that pushup, pulling my arms back toward my body, and then explode back up into that tall plank. You can also modify on your knees and do the same thing.

Tall Plank with T-Spine Rotation

We are moving onto our next exercise. It is a Tall Plank with T-Spine Rotation. You're going to love this. It's a great time for your heart rate to come down and prep for your next all-out exercise. In this, you're in your tall plank, hands below your shoulders, belly button tucked back. You're going to reach up to the sky with one hand, look at it, bring it back down, and alternate to the other side. You're here for 40 seconds.

Just like this: I like my feet hip width or slightly wider than hip width apart for balance. I squeeze my shoulders blades as I pull my hand up, bring it back down, and squeeze to the other side. If you cannot hold a plank for 40 seconds, I recommend you do this from your knees.

Scissor Hop to Lunge

For this next movement we're going to start cranking up the heat just a little bit. We're going to do a Scissor Hop to Lunge. You're going to start opposite arm, opposite leg. Keep your limbs straight, one-two, and drop down into a lunge.

This is what it looks like: One-two-three, one-two-three. Make sure that while you are doing this movement you squeeze your glutes and push off from that front heel.


For our final movement, we are going to finish with everyone's favorite: Burpees. This one's super simple. You're going to stand tall. You're going to put your hands on the ground, drop your chest, and shoot your feet out behind you. Then jump your feet to the outside of your hands, and then jump to the ceiling.

This is what it will look like: My hands are on the ground, then my chest. I pop my feet to the outside, then jump for the roof. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and keep your core tight so that you don't end up doing The Worm.

This is a great HIIT workout to burn a lot of calories in just a short amount of time. For optimal results, I recommend that you add this to your current training regimen just 1-2 times a week, and that's all you'll need.

Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video and want to see more of it, please follow or subscribe. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below. My name's McKayla from the BlenderBottle Trainer Team. Thank you for watching. I'll see you next time!

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